What do we call data-driven operations in a company’s system?

Have you ever felt bursting with joy after a successful business period? When you do, you find that you are presented with numbers from different platforms that make you smile. Do you know where these figures come from, broken down by source? Where and in what way have you generated the most buy-in from your target audience?

In this article, you’ll read about how well-written and revealed business reports can change the market position of a business in the now and provide a strategic compass for the future. Be it cost optimization, perfect harmony of revenue/cost ratios, or even tracking new trends.

Data insights in online marketing

When we talk about online marketing, most people think of communication and advertising on social networking sites. This is where a company communicates mostly to its target audience, which is often a call to action. In an “other universe,” however, interactions are transformed in the blink of an eye into numbers and data, which are analyzed by analytics software and, in more advanced places, companies/managers using their own data analyst(s). By understanding this data, we can create a new, sustainable business.

The importance of data detail

There are two strategic approaches to interpreting data. The first and most touching example is that we go into over-zealous mode as soon as we see the numbers displayed in the analytics program. This is a giant spider web made up of many elements. To highlight one, let's suppose we advertise on two separate online platforms. The money from a series of ads on one community site is a sight for sore eyes, while the other platform is much less well-funded. Therefore, common sense would dictate that we should focus our resources on the higher revenue-generating site.

The second interpretation strategy is more prudent, and its results reveal to us where it makes sense to invest the bulk of our capital. To continue with the above example, the relative success rates of the two platforms may easily escape our attention. We may have made 40% profit on a more significant spend in one place but tripled our money on a smaller spend in the other. This is where business analytics and data-driven decision support can help. With the proper understanding, you can generate more revenue in the long term and expect predictable and multi-faceted business operations.

Data insights from the source

Source-based business analytics is key to understanding the market. These analyses are built from professionally tracked data showing elementary detail results. Whether you’re banging out huge records or moping over a negative period, these detailed reports reveal how you can grow or climb out of the doldrums.

Why interpret something from one angle (revenue) when you can look at dozens of sources? These analyses can tell you as much as possible:

  1. Where are we burning the most money?
  2. Where can we expect the most revenue?
  3. How efficiently are our on/offline activities performing?
  4. What strategy needs to be put in place for the next period?

Being in full possession of resource-based knowledge is like looking at your company’s entire operations through an all-encompassing magnifying glass. You can see everything, so you can prioritize the time and energy you spend on a decision and optimize the tasks you need to do.


Overall, Business analytics create a forward-looking gateway between the company and the manager. The right insights and efficient use of data assets will result in a new business model that will save you money and a lot of time and energy.


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