Orders Production schedulability with data

Product manufacturing is a complex process that can be well organized in a minute with the correct data. Yet many people still fail to take advantage of this opportunity, relying solely on emotion and feedback to guide the design and manufacture of their products. As a result, the production process is often hectic and leads to inefficient decisions.

In this article, we use the example of a swimwear company to show why it switched to a data-driven operation and how it paid off. Note that in 2022, roughly 200 million swimsuits were produced worldwide. It hardly illustrates the strength of competition in the market and the importance of processes that require perfect design and execution.

The importance of predictability in a business operation

Has there ever been a long period of stable, sustainable production methodology of "Let's make roughly x number of these, they'll go anyway"? The answer is NO! The massive and high-speed market competition of the present day no longer allows a company to manufacture its various products in a belly-flop fashion. Competition in the swimwear market is fierce and saturated, especially when it is global. The company analyzed in this article has grown to a world-class status by staying within the framework of a family business. Over the last decade, it has achieved enormous success, almost reforming the domestic and international swimwear industry and its unique styles (here are some concrete figures). The CEO felt that for the brand to maintain its established advantage over competitors, it needed to change.

Because we HAVE TO RELY ON data

You need reliable, up-to-the-minute data to make informed, successful, and effective decisions.

The idea of change is based on your own market inertia. The company knew it needed an adaptable, easily traceable strategy to maintain its advantage in an accelerated market. It recognized that emotional decisions could work up to a certain point. However, to increase revenue, operational efficiency, and brand awareness, it is essential to rely on the company's existing data assets. In this case, the CEO realized that the information he could extract from orders, feedback, and other customer habits could have an even more significant impact on more than just the domestic market. For global expansion, tracking and analyzing the buying habits and interests of different cultures is an outstanding advantage. This not only allows you to shape the current market in a given country but also to predict what style trends, colors and shapes will explode in the coming season. This information is the fundamental pillar for planning and implementing a focused and productive production process.

Transparency through data-driven operations is essential for further business development

Starting from the data before the upturn, the company has put its production/operations on an entirely new, solid foundation. This is data-driven operations. It could abandon its own doubts and emotion-based decisions, so it could start interpreting the actual value; customer feelings, and feedback. Data-driven decision support has enabled you to systematize your production processes and track its current status to the second. With predictable production, now the manager has the time and opportunity for organized, efficient distribution and brand building at home and abroad. This way, every woman can easily find the perfect bikini in every corner of the world. With predictable spending derived from the data, the customer could modernize its asset base, optimize the collection by country, and multiply its revenue. The company is now operating a revamped operation, with the shift to data-driven operations playing a cardinal role. This has allowed it to make further manufacturing and advertising improvements, making it the leading swimwear brand in several countries.


The data can be used to develop stable, predictable processes and market growth simultaneously. By interpreting these data sets, we can formulate market-leading strategies that outperform and beat the competition, regardless of country or continent.


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