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Júniusban kezdtünk együtt dolgozni egy horgász webshopbal, ahol a célunk az volt, hogy növeljük az online bevételüket. Ennek érdekében két fő eszközt vettünk igénybe: a Meta (korábban Facebook) és a Google hirdetéseit. A hirdetések tervezésénél és megvalósításánál egyszerű, de hatékony módszereket alkalmaztunk, hogy mindenki számára érthető és követhető legyen a folyamat. A hirdetési stratégiánk eredményeként mindössze hat hét alatt jelentős bevételnövekedést értünk el: a Google hirdetéseken keresztül realizált bevétele 10 ezer forintról 612 ezer forintra nőtt. Ez a példa remekül mutatja, hogy a megfelelően megtervezett és végrehajtott online hirdetési stratégiák milyen erőteljes hatással bírnak a webshopok bevételeinek növelésében.

Risk-free data-driven ads

Our service is unique, and our guarantee is simple. If we don't deliver results, we work for free. We call it Risk-Free Data-Driven Ad Management.

Steps that make you an AT4 Digital client:



During a free consultation, we'll find out if you have the capabilities to open the box of guaranteed results.



If you are ready to take such a step, we will provide you with a questionnaire and a detailed audit, which is an essential basis for a successful cooperation. We'll review the results and put our risk-free offer on e-paper.



You have already agreed to the profit-bomb here, so your audit was 100% free of charge. We will now start the planning process. Beware, the results of this well-planned collaboration will be explosive!



We professionally shake your ads into shape and make them data-driven. From our regular consultations, we'll optimize your strategy so you'll know how to achieve even more outstanding results daily.


Way out

We bring you profit growth and mega campaigns, so you can spend your free time developing, managing yourself or your company, or whatever you want.

We exclusively specialize in data-driven advertising, excluding the following:

Managing Social Media

Making Ad-creatives




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Marketing Analytics
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Performance Marketing

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Data-driven operations are when we use data to process and adapt a company's response to market changes as quickly as possible. We don't predict; we react. Immediately. Our operations are focusing on the What? Why? and When? questions. We explore these using a variety of methodologies, and in each case, we respond effectively.

The market and the customers (or customer behavior) change on a daily basis. What was trendy today, nobody cares about it tomorrow. A campaign that worked yesterday may be burning your money two days later. Data-driven advertising turns a gamble into a predictable investment and random success into a planned return. Here, we are not just advertising but systematically buying traffic as well.

A legnagyobb eredményt, webáruházakkal való közös munkáink során tudunk szállítani, így kizárólag ezekre fókuszálunk.

First and foremost, a website that is currently operating on a daily basis and generating sales. This could be Woocommerce, Shopify, Shoprenter, Unas, Laravel, or Wix. Moreover, your website needs to be synchronized with Google Analytics GA4. It's a "must have" if we want to pull as much data and turn them into reports.

It is worth using data-driven ad management if your company has been performing successfully in online sales for at least two years and you want to use the data flowing into your company to make extra profit, revenue, or other purposes. Have you ever thought that this is possible?

All our cooperation is built up over a pre-defined period. This neutralizes long-term, complex contracts and the obligations they entail. Your new advertising strategy will walk hand in hand with your valuable data and will open new doors for you. This not only means profits and more significant revenue but also helps you to understand your target audience and their behavior even better, which can automatically lead to long-term results.

If you feel the urge to develop and start working with us, we will be available for you for the duration of the contract. During this time, we will provide you reports, strategies, and results transparently so you will know exactly how your company's numbers are progressing.

Of course. We offer a 100% guarantee for the duration of our work together. This means that if we cannot meet the agreed objectives during the cooperation period, we will work for free and not charge you any hidden fees.

  • After contacting us, you will be invited to an audit meeting. Here you will meet with your company's managers and the people responsible for the work together (feel free to bring your marketing person or someone who can help you with operational work). During the call, we will explain the exact process of our collaboration and how your valuable data can help your company grow.
  • Once agreed, we will conduct an audit of your internal marketing operations. We will assess the potential of untapped areas, the extent of potential improvement and summarize the necessary processes.
  • The results will be presented to you in a call or in person. We'll show you how you can make even more progress with a data-driven advertising strategy.
  • If we agree to work together, we'll draw up a contract and dive in to get the most out of your business in the shortest possible time.

You have two ways to contact us.

  1. Fill in this form if you would like us to contact you.
  2. Please email us at with your phone number so we can contact you as soon as possible.

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OMI Ázsia Bisztró
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OMI Ázsia Bisztró is now on many people's minds when it comes to quality Vietnamese restaurants. We started our collaboration by rebuilding and fine-tuning our marketing strategy. Here, I received ideas and advice from AT4 Digital on how to build engaging communications. In addition, our advertising has taken over and is still being optimized daily. The fruit of this successful work was a new OMI restaurant in Gödöllő. I hope we will work together for a long time to come.
Vivien Vance
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We will be completely honest. The guys at AT4 Digital, with their straightforward and fair approach, gave us much more than we thought they would at the beginning. Thanks to their detailed day-to-day reports, we have made our internal operational workflows more efficient. They developed a data-driven strategy that allowed us to dynamically increase both our domestic and international sales. We highly recommend working with them to others.

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